How to Build Your Demo Sites

The first step is landing a new client is building a set of demo sites.  Follow the instructions in this video and you can find a new prospect and start building a set of demo sites.  The same process is used for both the Basic and Premium Templates.


How to Upload Demo Sites to Your Server

The next step is uploading your demo sites to your server.  I use a program called FireFTP, you can get it here: FireFTP

You need to use the Firefox browser if you want to upload your sites this way.  If you have a different FTP software, feel free to use what is most comfortable for you.

You can get all of your FTP details from your hosting company.  Get on their live chat and tell them you want to use FireFTP and they should help you get started.


How to Build Lead Gen Page (Premium Version Only)

Once your demo sites are all built, it is super easy to build your lead page.  Simply fill out the entire form on the software, download your lead page, then upload to your server.

The next step is to send your lead page to your prospects and let them know you have a demo page of mobile templates you want to show them.

If you do not have the Premium Version, you can grab it here: Premium MDM

How to Insert a Mobile Device Detect Script on HTML Site

When you build your full mobile sites, you are going to need to install a Mobile Device Detect Script on the main site.  This script will redirect the user to the mobile site, when the user is using a mobile device.

This video shows how to install the included Mobile Device Detect Script that you can download here: Mobile Device Detect

****** This demo video was for the Elite Mobile Builder, but the process is the same for ALL mobile sites.

How to Insert a Mobile Device Detect Script on WordPress Install

This video shows how to install the Mobile Device Detect on a WordPress Website.  Just a little different, but still the same concept applies.